Notes on the Fall Housing Market

Real Estate

The kids went back to school last week, and I--for once-- am a little sad about it. Normally, at this time of year I'm doing a happy dance and making lists of all those things I've been putting off because they're easier to do without the kiddos around. But this summer was different.

I made a mental pledge at the beginning of summer to have a little more fun and a little less work because--well, because. Life is short, my children are growing up too fast, winter is long. So we did. We swam in lakes and collected rocks, feathers, and flowers. We read books outside and grew cucumbers and ate marshmallows and took mini road trips. We spent some good hours in the office as well, but not so much in the past month because the August housing market was QUIET.

Is the market closed for the year? Should you wait to sell until after the new year? You know what I'm going to say, but I'll say it anyway. OF COURSE NOT.

In fact, welcome to The Fall Market. I’ve shown more houses to more buyers in the last week than I did in all of August. BUT… as has been the case most of this year, the housing inventory is still quite low which is raising prices and stress levels for buyers across the North Shore. If you’re thinking of selling your house one of these days, there is no time like the present! Interest rates are still low (although there is considerable talk of rate hikes at the end of this month), and lots of buyers still out there waiting for you to put your house on the market!