Is Your Listing Agent Really Representing You?

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What is your Realtor doing for you?

There's been a trend in the past few years in the North Shore--and especially for higher-end homes--of Realtors being present at all showings on their listings. I imagine this is a nice enticement for sellers to list with these agents. It sounds like a great idea, your agent being there to make sure the home is well-treated and to answer any questions the buyers or their agents have. It's my experience, however, when showing these homes that my buyers feel constrained and awkward about having the other agent there, like they're being eavesdropped on, and generally don't spend as much time in the home as they might otherwise.

Fast forward to an accepted offer. The first step is generally the home inspection. The home inspection is the pivotal point of an offer, the one contingency that causes the most consternation between buyers and sellers and has the most potential to kill the deal. Where is your Realtor now? Lately I've been noticing that more and more Buyer's Agents are not attending the entire inspection with their clients and the inspector. Why? Because the market is hot right now, the agents are busy and home inspections can take 2-4+ hours. But you, the buyer, are left on your own to absorb an awful lot of information about this house you're buying--some of it daunting and unfamiliar. It's not your job to fill your Realtor in--they should be there with you the entire time, to be a second pair of ears and to help you prioritize any concerns you have.

And if you're the seller of this house? You're generally waiting a day or two to find out how the inspection went, with no idea of what might be coming your way in terms of proposed repairs or price adjustments. Your listing agent is waiting too, to hear back from the buyer's agent who may or may not have been at the inspection in the first place. 

Typically, listing agents do not attend the home inspections on their listings. 
I do. I know of exactly two other agents that I've come across in the past 14 years that also attend the inspections on behalf of their sellers. And because I attend all my seller's inspections, I know right away what large Defects are found and may come up in an amendment from the buyer. I also know about those 104 little things that don't add up to a defect but may be scaring the buyer away from the house. This lets me update my seller immediately about how the inspection went and what may lie ahead. And lately, I know better than anyone because I'm the only agent there.

As a home seller, it may sound great to have your Realtor attending all the showings, but make sure they're with you on the rest of the journey too!